Once you've been an active member for a month, you will be able to be seconded by either a founder member or member of staff and this will give you access to the gym during Members only hours. These are Mon-Fri 6am to 8:30pm, Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays 6am to 6pm. You will be issued with your own key fob for entry.

The reason for this initial month is so that we know you and you know us.

All members looking to access open gym are required to purchase a fob at a cost of £10.

UTS is a gym and training facility like no other, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have built a real community "The Tribe" Training at UTS means that you will become part of "The Tribe", your goals, exercise needs and sporting ambitions become ours too, we will support you along each and every step of your journey.


When we ask our members what brought them to the UTS, many tell us they went to conventional gyms for years without seeing any results, before making one of the best lifestyle changes and visiting us.

What is the sense in paying for a gym membership and never achieving your goal? You can't expect to see a change if you don't make one. So drop in a see us. There is a reason we have a great community of everyday athletes from all walks of life.

We operate very differently from 'corporate' gyms. At the UTS there are NO JOINING FEES, and a monthly membership costs merely as much as attending six sessions. Our minimum monthly membership package is 3 months. This is because 3 months is the perfect amount of time to turn a motivational health-kick into a lasting lifestyle change. We know that, with this commitment, you will see top level results, which will be motivation enough to keep you going.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. If a healthier you is where you see that path leading, it will take determination, commitment and consistency. We, at the UTS, are determined and committed to providing you with consistent coaching and the facilities you need along the way.


We are a performance centre; our culture is based on hard work, a desire to improve and, most importantly, results. Our activity creates a highly charged and energetic atmosphere. Such energy becomes infectious, and your efforts will, in turn, become addictive. The energy that is created in our gym's atmosphere is second-to-none. No other gym in the North West comes close to comparison.

There are no TVs and no distractions, just loud music, and a background orchestra of other passionate and driven people working hard and realizing their potential.

we offer structured classes and open gym sessions for all abilities

Join the tribe