Megan Hewitt

Meg is an experienced Personal Trainer working with a variety of individuals from the general population to athletes of all ages. Meg was a 100 and 200m sprinter representing her school club in Northern Ireland. After moving to university, she quickly discovered her love of weightlifting training at UTS. After an 8-week voluntary placement Meg became a UTS Coach and has worked at UTS for almost five years now. She graduated from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in July 2016 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. During this time, she completed the Strength and Conditioning internship where she coached the university’s American Football and Gymnastics Team. Upon completion of her degree, Meg embarked on an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) where she investigated the physical activity and sedentary behaviour levels of two specific populations, university students and adult gym-users (recruited here at UTS). During this time she was also appointed as a mentor and lead on the Strength and Conditioning program. Meg is due to enrol on a PhD with LJMU in collaboration with the UTS Foundation where she will investigate the effect of exercise on physical activity and sedentary behaviour levels, physiological adaptations and psychosocial parameters in cancer patients.

Anthony Dalzell

Anthony’s background is in research and teaching and he specialises in providing a professional, research-driven and bespoke one-on-one service to his clients.

Anthony is a specialist in strength and body recomposition (muscle gain and fat loss) and has extensive experience working with a wide-range of clients, each one coming from a different starting point. He is qualified to work with postnatal clients and is skilled and experienced in designing programmes for medically referred clients with a wide range of conditions.

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Joe Egerton

Joe is an experienced Personal Trainer & Level 1 CrossFit Coach, with a keen interest in Strength and Conditioning and Olympic Weightlifting. He's currently preparing for his UKSCA Assessment along with his UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching Weight Lifting. His experience includes coaching weight lifting and CrossFit to a wide range of abilities, personal training general population clients and working with junior athletes in their off season. He has competed and succeeded in various sports, of which Basketball and Long Jump was his favoured. Joe’s next challenge is to compete and represent himself and of course UTS in Olympic Weightlifting.

Tom Burns

Tom has completed his undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He is continuing on to complete the masters course in strength conditioning in September 2018. During his time as an undergraduate he completed a strength and conditioning placement, whereby, himself and a team of three others worked to improve the performance of two Liverpool John Moores sports teams. This was a great experience as he worked with a wide range of individuals all at once. In one class, he could have had someone who couldn't do one pull up and another that could do ten easily. Catering for all different performance levels was difficult but Tom and his team were able to do it and reach the performance targets they set themselves.

The Directors

Director, Neil Parsley, BSc, CSCS, ASCC
Neil Parsley is one the most sought after and experienced strength and conditioning coaches in the UK. Over the last 16 years Neil has coached Olympic Champions (Beijing & London Olympics), multiple World and European medalists and National champions across several sports including Taekwondo, Athletics, Rugby, Swimming, Cycling, Wrestling and Disability swimming. He has travelled extensively throughout the world attending training camps and competitions in Europe, Asia, Australasia & South America. Neil is a co-founder and director of the unique and highly successful UTS gym who continues to coach our Tribe and athletes of all abilities. He regularly presents on his work at national and international conferences.

Director, Dr. Colin Robertson
Colin Robertson has been involved in human performance and sports science his entire professional career, and is currently the Head of the Athletic Development Centre (Bolton One), and the Research Co-ordinator of the country’s leading Sports Rehabilitation department at the University of Bolton; whereby he oversees the largest injury surveillance programme in the world which caters for every Super League team in the country. Prior to this recent role, Colin was a member of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University; where, along with his teaching and research activities, he established and led the Strength and Conditioning department. Colin is also one of the founding fathers of UTS and is the driving force behind our commitment to debunk fads, passing trends, and celebrity crazes. Colin’s main role is to ensure that everything the UTS delivers is underpinned by world leading scientific research, practice and principals.